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South Dearborn Middle School is the home of the Squires, and our students enjoy showing their school spirit through participating in or attending our school sporting events. Visit our athletic calendar here:

Being part of a team helps to develop leadership skills & teamwork. Our students have access to a variety of athletic opportunities including team sport for:
  • Football
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Wrestling
  • Cross Country
  • Track
  • Volleyball
  • Golf
  • Cheerleading  
Here are the scheduled athletics for FOOTBALL, VOLLEYBALL, CROSS COUNTRY, and SWIMMING.  Also, beneath those, you will find the LINKS for each of those Fall sports.

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PHONE     812-926-2090; option 2

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION:    A yearly physical examination is required.  The approved IHSAA physical form must be completed by a physician and submitted to the coach or SDMS office PRIOR to any participation!  This examination covers all sports, for the entire school year, provided it was administered after APRIL 1.  (Physicals are good from APRIL 1 of the current year, through and including the last student day of the following year only.)  This physical will be kept on file in the school office.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL INFORMATION:   Each athlete’s parent/guardian(s) shall complete an emergency medical authorization (part of the SDMS Athletic Consent form) giving permission for treatment by a physician (or hospital if necessary) when the parents/guardian(s) are not available.

PARENTAL CONSENT OF ATHLETIC POLICIES:   All students in grades five, six, seven, and eight may receive a copy of the SDMS Athletic Expectations prior to any SDMS athletic season.    Each parent/guardian and athlete should read all of the material and sign off on the Athletic Consent Form that they have done so.  This consent form will be kept on file in the school office.

INSURANCE:   The school district does NOT carry insurance to cover student athletic injuries.  Parents/guardians must possess family insurance/proof of coverage, and be financially able to assume all risks for the student.

ELIGIBILITY FOR ATHLETICS AND ACTIVITIES:   The student must meet all of the age, enrollment, attendance, and academic requirements established by the South Dearborn Middle School administration.   

Eligibility includes, but is NOT LIMITED TO the following:  

1) A student may not participate (event/contest) in any activity/athletic event if that student has been placed on the DISCIPLINARY INELIGIBLE LIST.  

2)  Grade Eligibility:  Students must pass six of seven classes.  Students passing five or less courses will be ineligible for participation in events/activities.  Grade eligibility is subject to review every 4 ½ weeks (report cards and progress reports).  Students are not permitted to participate in events but are permitted/expected to participate during practices.  

3)   Discipline Referrals:  Any student receiving the following discipline will result:

After School Detention:  Coach’s decision.

Friday School:  Student may not participate in an event/activity on the assigned day.

ACDC:  20 calendar day athletic/activity suspension for each assigned violation.

4)  Seventh and eighth grade students turning AGE 16 ON OR BEFORE SCHOOL REGISTRATION shall NOT participate in any SDMS athletic events/activities (home or away).   

5)  Students participating in athletics at SDMS must follow the age eligibility guidelines established for all South Dearborn and parochial elementary schools.  Approved participation in the sports of SDMS swimming, track, wrestling & cross country is available to students in grades 5, 6, 7, & 8.  NO other grades may participate in any SDMS sports. For all other sports at SDMS, (football, volleyball, cheerleading, boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, golf) ONLY 7th and 8th graders may participate.

Special Notice:    Students suspended out of school/ACDC shall not be on any South Dearborn Community School Corporation grounds or attend any school sponsored activities including all South Dearborn Community Schools’ activities.  Furthermore, parents, and students should be informed that school officials will contact law enforcement authorities whenever, in their discretion, there is a reason to believe that a student’s conduct is unlawful and has caused substantial damage to the property of another, including the school corporation.

SCHOOL ATTENDANCE:  To be eligible to participate in the contest/event OF THE DAY, a student must have signed in at SDMS/SDCSC elementary school no later than 10:00am the day of the contest/event, UNLESS the student has been excluded from school attendance for such reasons as doctor’s appointment, field trip, or such reasons OTHER THAN ILLNESS.  Final authority for infractions of this rule rests with the SDMS administration.  Students absent from school on a Friday, with a contest/event the following day (Saturday) may be eligible to participate, provided a school administrator excuses the absence.

CARE OF SCHOOL EQUIPMENT:  Students are responsible for all equipment/material issued to him/her.  Stolen of damaged school property must be paid for by the athlete and his/her parents/guardians before any grades will be issued.

MEDICAL RELEASE TO AGAIN PARTICIPATE:  If a student-athlete is seriously injured, s/he must have a doctor’s release before s/he may practice or compete in any athletic contest.  

REPORTING OF AN INJURY:  All injuries are to be reported to the coach/sponsor/Asst. Principal/Principal.  If an injury requires medical attention by a doctor or treatment center, it will be necessary to have an injury report completed.  Once a student is treated by a physician, the student must obtain the doctor’s permission to return to the activity.

QUITTING AN ATHLETIC TEAM/NOT FINISHING THE SEASON IN GOOD STANDING:  Students are not permitted to quit one sport/group, unless the sport/group’s season s/he quit has been completed.  For example:  A student may not quit cross country to join the football team- until the cross country season has ended.  (Mutual consent by both coaches involved MAY waive this rule if the student athlete and the team are better off for the change.  This MUST be approved by the SDMS ADMINISTRATION before such a waiver may be granted).  Students MUST finish a season/activity in “good standing” in order to quality for those/ any awards, recognition, etc.

RANDOM/SUSPICIONLESS DRUG TESTING:  Students participating in SDMS athletics (football, volleyball, swimming, cross country, cheerleading, boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, wrestling, track, golf) and activities, including, but not limited to clubs, dances, plays, concerts, etc. become part of a pool of names for the SDCSC random, suspicionless drug testing, and could be selected for such testing.

TRAVEL:  (excluding golf) ALL students are expected to travel to and from out-of-town activities/athletic contests in transportation provided by the school.

GROUP/TEAM REDUCTION POLICIES:  Choosing members of athletic teams/school related activities is the sole responsibility of the coach/sponsor.  

TEAM/GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL DISCIPLINE:  Each coach/sponsor shall have discipline rules for minor infractions, such as inattention to directions, horseplay, etc.  These rules shall be put in writing and approved by the SDMS administration

SOUTH DEARBORN TRAINING INFORMATION/RULES:  Students of the South Dearborn Community School Corporation shall not possess, use, sell, give, or otherwise transmit, or be under the influence of any drug, counterfeit drug, or material that is prohibited  by law.  This includes narcotics, hallucinogenic drugs, alcohol, amphetamines, steroids, cocaine, marijuana, intoxicants, etc.  The use or possession of any tobacco product is also prohibited.  This policy will be subject to enforcement and/or disciplinary action by the SDMS administration for twelve (12) months of the year.  Additionally, offenses in violation of this policy are cumulative:  1) During a student’s participation in athletics/activities at the junior high level-including those participating @ SDMS in grade six; 2) During a student’s participation in athletics at the high school level (junior high accumulation ends and high school accumulation begins with eighth grade promotion).  Violation for any team rule may result in the loss of position, ineligibility for a game, suspension, or removal from the team.  Notwithstanding the consequences for violation for the SDMS Athletic Code (above), the SDMS/SDCSC administration may exclude.


If school dismisses early for any reason, all events for that evening are closed as well.  Practices/events will be determined by administration for school closings (e.g., snow days).  


Fuel costs are in a constant state of flux, which is why it has become necessary for all student-athletes to pay a transportation fee to the coach prior to the first game, match, or contest.  The transportation fee is $30.00 per athletic season.  This includes sports that are held in the FALL, WINTER, and SPRING.  

Student athletes may not pay more than $90 per school year for transportation.


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