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8th Grade Trip

      Grow.  Excel.  Achieve.

ALL parents/guardians wishing to be chaperones have been selected to go on the trip this year! (Final approval will be given once all paperwork and money have been submitted into the school.)  ALL paperwork, including volunteer application, background check, releases, MUST be approved/received to SDMS by January 17, 2017.   ALL money must be paid by March 3, 2017.  REMEMBER:  IF there are four to a room, the cost per chaperone is $870.  If there are three in a room it'll be $915. And, finally, if there are only two chaperones to a room, the cost is $1015 each.  SHIRT SIZE papers were distributed to those present at the 12/1/16 meeting.  If you are a parent/guardian who will be going, you'll need to fill out one of those papers.  Also, ROOM ASSIGNMENT papers must be completed IF you know of someone you wish to room with on the trip.  These papers are in the SDMS office.  Student room assignments will be made as we draw closer to April, 2017.  As a chaperone, you will be assigned YOUR child, plus only two or three others!  And, absolutely every effort will be made to have YOU assigned to YOUR child's bus!!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact SDMS!  THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OF MONEY MADE AFTER FEBRUARY 1, 2017.

Where:         NEW YORK CITY!     
When:           Leave 5/9/17; return 5/13/17
Cost:              $870 (based on quad occupancy) 

Fundraising:      FUNDRAISING CONTINUES!!  (Students must be considered in "good standing," with all previous monies paid up, and must have completed a Fundraising Permission Form in order to get the chocolates.)

                            Fantastic supervision was the "key" to a great Spring, 2016, trip!!

                            90% attendance required. IF there are exceptions, they must be approved by the SDMS Administration.
                            NO "A.C.D.C." or O.S.S. placements.
                            Remember:  You and your child MUST have consented to the "SDCSC/SDMS Extra-Curricular Consent Form" before attendance on the trip is permitted!  If you have not yet done so, please contact the school to complete this vital paperwork!

Itinerary:    Itinerary provided at Parent/Guardian meetings.

HOTEL INFORMATION:    To be provided to parents/guardians as it is received from the travel agent.

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Next Meeting:   Late January, 2017; 5:30 PM; SDMS CAFETERIA
Upcoming Dates/Fundraising Opportunities:  ALL monies must be paid by MARCH 3, 2017.    There will be NO money refunded, starting February 1, 2017.                                                   


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