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Life at South Dearborn Middle School


Challenging. Dynamic. Interactive. Just a few ways we'd use to describe a typical day at South Dearborn Middle School. Students thrive in our small town, community-based culture located within a safe, secure and beautiful campus. We offer modern facilities and state of the art technology to provide a setting where students grow more independent as their progress to larger class sizes.

Our students benefit from our unique teaching "teams" designed to have a core group of experienced teachers focused on individual student achievement. It's this specialized dedication by a teacher team that results in successful academic achievement for each student. Students thrive within classes that provide relevant hands on science, technology & engineering classes that prepare our students for the jobs of the future.

In addition to pure academic instruction, our students also participate in character education and our Bully Prevention Program & Drug Awareness Program to proactively address these real world concerns.

From an academic perspective, our school corporation recently had the highest ISTEP score increase compared to other area schools. This is just one indication of the commitment to academic achievement that you'll find at South Dearborn Middle School and throughout the entire South Dearborn Community School Corporation.

We believe that our parents and students deserve access to resources that will help them get the most of our their school experience. With that in mind, Dearborn schools cover a portion of every student's textbook fees. We also offer programs that meet every child's needs, including:

High Ability Program

Special Education
Speech & Language Services

Students grow socially as they have opportunities to become involved at every turn - from athletic teams to clubs and music programs. We hope you'll consider joining us.

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"The administration, faculty, and staff are exceptional and truly care for each and every student. As a lifelong resident of the South Dearborn Community School Corporation, I feel blessed that my children have had the pleasure of attending South Dearborn Middle School." - South Dearborn Middle School Parent

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